Breathtaking Video from CAFO2015 — and Upcoming FLT Broadcast

The most visually stunning moment of CAFO2015 came at the end of the first day’s live interview with Jen Bricker.  The striking young woman in a wheelchair had just finished sharing the truth-is-stranger story of her life.  She’d been left at the hospital as an infant without legs. But her adoptive parents taught her to “never say can’t” on the road to becoming the Illinois State High School Tumbling Champion. And the unexpected discovery Jen made later was even more unexpected.

As the interview ended, Jen didn’t just roll her wheelchair from the stage.  Within moments, she was rising from it into the air.  Want to see what the audience saw?  Here it is…

The full CAFO2015 interview with Jen was broadcast last month on Family Life Today radio and is now stream-able on the FLT website.  You can listen to “Defying the Odds” now.

And that’s not all.  CAFO2015’s second live FLT interview will run August 13 — every bit as compelling as the first.  Bishop Aaron Blake tells stories from his family’s journey with five boys from the foster system, all of Diegowhom today are permanently “grafted in” to the Blake family. This one has some incredible twists also – including the Blake home burned to the ground by one of the boys – and a unforgettable surprise at the end!  (You can also catch glimpses of this interview in the recently released rap video, “Engrafted.”)

You’ll be able to hear the August 13 broadcast on any Christian radio station that features Family Life Today or stream it online HERE.