A CAFO2017 Special Announcement

We wanted to share a special announcement from Oklahoma Senator James Lankford addressing CAFO2017 attendees and all of you that are championing the foster and orphan care movement:

We would also like to ask everyone to join us in prayer in the days leading up to Summit.

Here a just a few specific prayer requests:

  1. Thanksgiving and praise for the 2,000+ individuals coming together to reflect God’s heart and His deep love for the orphan and vulnerable child.
  2. Pray that the Lord would fill the hearts and halls of Summit with a sweet unity in Christ, led by the Holy Spirit. May friendships and partnerships form and grow, multiplying the fruit of all of our labors.
  3. Pray that every leader, pastor, volunteer, staff member and parent who attends would be equipped in ways that deepen the strength and health of their ministry and the quality of care they provide daily to children.
  4. Pray for attendees coming from other nations. May visa requirements and other logistics are not a barrier — that their way would become clear and burdens light. And may they return home as bearers of good gifts from God for their nation.
  5. Pray for parents struggling with hardship or isolation. May they find at Summit much encouragement from others, hope in God’s Word, and resources, direction, and community for the road ahead.
  6. Pray for all who feel burned out and used up. May God use the “Justice & the Inner Life” content to refresh their hearts and draw them near to Himself. May all attendees have empathetic eyes to see other’s burdens and attend to them in prayer, encouragement, and conversation.
  7. Pray for students attending to be inspired, equipped and connected. May God use this to help many young people to live out a lifetime of wise and committed care for vulnerable children.
  8. Pray that church ministry leaders will feel inspired, encouraged and equipped to go back and empower their people to live out the heart of God by caring for vulnerable children and families.
  9. Pray for clarity and wisdom for every presenter and keynote speaker – especially in this month of final preparations.
  10. Pray that every attendee will come ready both to give and to receive good gifts to one another.
  11. More than anything else, may God use CAFO2017 to draw every participant nearer to His heart — both at the event and also afterward through habits and practices freshly-cultivated as all they’ve learned and experienced together.

We are grateful for each and every one of you and look forward to another incredible Summit. For those joining us in Nashville, we look forward to seeing you on-site next week.