Collateral Beauty of COVID-19: Gifts We May Have Missed

We’ve all experienced disruption and difficulty from COVID-19, some of it severe. But amidst it all, many gifts have also arrived unexpectedly — some of them despite, and some even because of the hard things.

At the CAFO “Small Matters” gathering last month, one workshop speaker asked participants to share unanticipated hardships they’d faced due to COVID-19. Then, she invited them to share unanticipated gifts.

The response was so beautiful and heartfelt that the CAFO Center on Applied Research for Vulnerable Children and Families felt compelled to collect the answers and put them together in a simple infographic image, titled, “Collateral Beauty from COVID-19” (below).

Do you resonate with some of these unexpected gifts? And does the naming of them help you better notice and receive good things… gifts we easily could miss, hidden as they are amidst hardship?  Personally, I’d say a hearty “Yes!” to both of those questions.