Why #9 Matters So Much to This College Football Player

In a year of unexpected things, this has to be one of my very favorite: a 2-minute football story that somehow makes you both laugh and cry at the same moment.

Kari Stewart helps lead the vibrant foster and adoption ministry at Timberline Church in Colorado.  I had the privilege of spending time with Kari and her husband Jeff when I spoke there along with their daughter Zinnia for Orphan Sunday/Stand Sunday a few years back.  They are some of those remarkably-ordinary-yet-truly-extraordinary people you meet with striking frequency in the world of adoption and foster care.  On the surface, the Stewarts are salt of the earth people, folks you’d want for neighbors.  As you get to know them and their children better, you come to see something much deeper, too:  their lives and character have become anything but ordinary as they’ve said “yes” to God’s invitations.

Ordinary people lead extraordinary lives when they say ‘yes’ to God’s invitations to love.

Don’t miss this 2-minute video story spotlighting their remarkable son, Logan, now a senior safety on the Colorado State football team.

If you’d like to read a bit more of the Stewart family’s story, you’ll love the article, “More than a Number.”