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Family Preservation Versus Child Protection?  Gripping Polar Truths

In the past two weeks alone, and in at least a dozen separate contexts, I’ve listened to leaders…heard friends…read emails…reviewed articles…all expressing deeply-felt convictions on seemingly opposite sides of a single issue. Often, it is framed as one value pitched in mortal combat with another:  family preservation and reunification on one side VERSUS foster care, […]

Foster Care Activity VS Foster Care Movement

Foster care activity and the faith community’s involvement in that activity has a long history in this country.  In recent years, however, a new kind of faith-based, grassroots effort has emerged from communities across the U.S.  Though the word “movement” is admittedly over-used in our culture, these efforts are best described as “local foster care […]

US Department of State 2019 Trafficking in Persons Report

Strong empirical and anecdotal evidence reveals that human traffickers view children that lack families as the ideal target.  The 2019 Trafficking in Persons Report from the US Department of State offers a particularly vivid picture of this reality worldwide. The annual report again underscores a simple truth:  if we care about human trafficking, one powerful way […]

An Ancient Recipe for Addressing Brokenness Where You Live

My wife and I have lived in and renovated (yes, at the same time) a couple of different 100-year-old-plus homes during our marriage.  Most people who take on these kind of projects are different from us in one important way: They know what they are doing.  I still remember the feeling of standing in the […]

Giving the Gift of Rootedness

Anyone who has ever planted a sapling knows that it is often necessary to place a stake in the ground and strap it to the trunk for the tree’s first growing season.  This kind of support is especially important in a few specific circumstances: The roots of the tree are underdeveloped The soil conditions are […]