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How Many Band-Aids for that Bag of Chips?

Throughout history, various cultures have used some interesting things as currency at one time or another. Here are just a few: Italy:  Parmesan Cheese East Africa:  Salt (many other places have used salt as well) Central America:  Cocoa Beans Central Asia:  Tea Bricks Russia:  Squirrel Pelts (the snouts, claws, and ears were even used as […]

Blank Paper, Lame Lunches, and the God of “More Than Enough”

Yesterday, my 6-year-old daughter came home from school with a stack of pictures she had drawn for various members of our family. Each one was very thoughtful and contained a picture of that person’s favorite thing. When she got to mine, she handed me a blank piece of paper. “Here you go, daddy. I didn’t […]

Four Seconds

I went to a small Kansas high school.  It was small enough that guys like me got to play football.  When I say “guys like me,” I mean to say that my freshman year, I weighed in at a devastating 110 pounds. Yes, really. As you might imagine, my high school football accomplishments were not […]

Taylor University Becoming an Engine for Next-Generation Orphan Care

There are few things more invigorating than seeing young people reflect God’s heart in their passions and priorities. So I’m thrilled about the upcoming conference at Taylor University that will focus on ways Christians can serve vulnerable children and communities with well-informed love. I’ll have the privilege of addressing the Taylor University student body on the Friday […]

CAFO Team Favorite Books

This blog focuses mostly on issues and ideas, not personalities. But the truth is, all of us love to get to know the people behind ideas – what makes them tick, what they love, what helped make them who they are. Not long ago, the CAFO team gathered for our annual strategic planning retreat. It […]