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Guatemalan Christians Blazing a Trail

One frequent expression of our deepest prayer at CAFO is this: the local church in every nation known as the primary answer for the orphans of that place. That vision may seem far on the horizon. But what I saw last week in Guatemala reminded that it’s possible. More than 400 Christians from across the […]

Three Reasons We Settle for Less Impact Than We Need To

From the back of the car my 7-year-old daughter asked, “Daddy, can we go to Rome, Italy.” Me: “Wow. That would be fun. Why do you want to go there?” Her: “This book says they have a hotel made out of garbage!” Me: “So that is what you would like to see in Rome?” Her: […]

New Guidelines for Reintegration of Children into Families

A coalition of leading aid and development agencies this week is rolling out first-of-their-kind “Guidelines on Children’s Reintegration.” These guidelines are designed to provide practitioners, governments, NGOs and other key actors in child welfare with both principles and practical guidance for effective reintegration of children separated from their families for a wide range of reasons, […]

The Small Things That Send You Into the Ditch

A moth once caused me to wreck my car. OK … it is probably more accurate to say that my unwise response to a moth caused me to wreck my car. I was maybe 16 or 17 and was driving home on a dirt road from my best friend’s house at night. As I was […]

A Moving Short Film: My Friend John

The five-minute film My Friend John gives the firsthand story of two boys, friends on the streets of Kitale, Kenya.   This true tale is all the more powerful for its simplicity. It is understated, yet heavy with both beauty and ache. The film speaks for itself. But I’d like to thank its maker – a […]

Four Key Questions to Help You Help More Kids In Foster Care

I like to think of myself as a generally positive person but I must confess that the annual scavenger hunt for school supplies has always had a tendency to steal my joy. I use the phrase “scavenger hunt” loosely because the truth is that most things listed on a normal scavenger hunt list actually exist. […]