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kNOw More Orphans Conference Coming Soon in Birmingham, AL!

Guest Post from David Hennessey Sometimes I feel like I attend conferences for a living – in the last year alone I was an attendee, speaker, emcee, or organizer of about 10 conferences/seminars around the world.  It seems as if there’s always another opportunity to gather together, worship and pray together, discuss incredibly important topics, […]

New Barna Research Highlights Christian Adoption & Foster Care Among 3 Most Notable Vocational Trends

New findings from Barna Research highlights the growing commitment of Christians to adoption and foster care as among 2014’s three most notable vocational trends.  An article released by Barna yesterday spotlighted one facet of the extensive Barna research included in the new mini-book Becoming Home.   The article describes: Adoption isn’t typically grouped in to discussions […]

Regional Conferences Reveal…and Fuel…a Growing Movement

For all its benefits, technology just can’t replace the power of in-person gatherings.  As with all of history’s great movements, today’s surge in Christian adoption, foster and orphan care is nourished by conferences large and small.  These events unite allies, spread ideas and training, and energize for action. The annual CAFO Summit–now in it’s 10th […]

Powerful Words from Kenyans who Grew Up in Institutions

A recent paper created by young adults in Kenyan who grew up in orphanages gives moving windows into the heartache that often defines life after care…and also points to ways to better help those transitioning out of institutions. The report was issued by the Kenya Society of Careleavers as part of a conference for former […]

A Lost Boy Finds His Calling

The Washington Post last week carried a deeply moving article about Izidor Ruckel, an orphan adopted from a Romanian orphanage after the fall of the Iron Curtain.  Both the article and the accompanying video are gripping.  They stir the heart with both the brokenness of our world and the hope that yet resides amidst it […]

Heritage Foundation on the Importance of Conscience Protections for Faith-Based Foster Agencies

The Heritage Foundation this month released an important and well-articulated document explaining why it’s essential to preserve the right of faith-based foster care agencies to operate in ways that do not violate their conscience.  As the paper points out, government policies on these matters carry significant consequence for both principles of religious liberty…and for the […]