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The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good

This week’s CAFO Webinar–taught by Peter Greer–delivered a message I feel is truly “prophetic”:  a discerning, Spirit-fed exhortation that addresses many of us right where we most need to be challenged. Peter presented on “The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good,” building from an excellent book of the same name that was released this month. All […]

Important New Foster Care Resource for Your Church from Hope for Orphans!

There are people in your church right now who have considered becoming foster parents at some point and may even be considering it right now.  What they’ve lacked is a clear and concise overview of what to expect and how the system works. They just aren’t quite ready to commit to 30 hours of training […]

Of Bono, Capitalism and Orphans

Prism Magazine this month carries an excellent article by Rudy Curasco titled “Bono on Capitalism with a Conscience.”  Although not addressing orphans directly, it touches incisively on a vital question:  what really lifts people from poverty? For orphan advocates, that should always be an essential query.  Poverty is a primary driver of the orphan crisis.  […]

My Parents Were at the Circus When I was Born

A young woman named Marissa Cope published a beautiful article this week titled, “My Parents Were at the Circus When I was Born.”  The article begins: My parents were at the circus when I was born. I’m sure they were having a great time celebrating my brother’s sixth birthday, but I was at the hospital, […]

Family Life Broadcasts From Summit on Foster Care and More!

FamilyLife Today is broadcasting four great interviews on foster care, adoption and orphan care in the coming days! Those who attended Summit will recall the two unforgettable interviews live at Summit:  with Representative Michele Bachmann (today!) and with Bishop WC Martin of Possum Trot, TX (tomorrow).   See details and timing for all four upcoming interviews […]

Good News on Foster Care Adoptions

Across the US, more and more Christians are stepping up for kids in foster care–via mentoring, fostering, adoption and more.  Region- and state-wide networks of churches are engaging together–from Colorado to Florida to Kentucky to Texas to Arkansas to Illinois to Georgia to California to Oklahoma. This week, the Federal government announced some good news regarding the number of adoptions from foster care nationwide:  they’re up, significantly.   No […]