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Christians are stepping up across the U.S. and worldwide:

foster care, adoption, family preservation, global orphan care.


Become a CAFO Member

Opportunities for: Individuals, Churches, Regional Alliances, Non-Profit Organizations and Businesses


Attend CAFO Summit

Experience the growing Christian orphan care movement on May 4-5, 2017 in Nashville, TN.


Invest in the Movement

Give & serve through internships, volunteering, in-kind donations and financial support.

Want to go deeper? Learn more about CAFO's Work

The Christian Alliance for Orphans unites 190+ respected organizations as well as over 650 church members. Together, we work to inspire and to equip Christians for effective orphan care, adoption and foster care.

CAFO Summit

The CAFO Summit has become the hub for what Christianity Today called “the burgeoning orphan care movement.” Summit last year drew 2,000+ from all 50 states & 30 nations: church leaders, orphan advocates, adoptive and foster parents, and veterans of global orphan care. Save the date, May 4-5, 2017 in Nashville.

Orphan Sunday

Orphan Sunday is the second Sunday in November.  What began in a small church in Zambia is now a catalyst for awareness and action across the U.S. and in 85 countries worldwide.  Orphan Sunday is your chance to grow hearts for orphans in you church and home. We offer free resources, ideas, videos and more for your Orphan Sunday event!

Global Movements

Global Movements Initiative invests in emerging leaders worldwide, providing technical support, leadership training and more.  Our goal? The local church in every nation known as the primary answer for the global orphan crisis.

Fostering Movement

The National Foster Care Initiative works toward the day when there are more Christian families waiting to receive foster children than children waiting for a family.  The NFCI not only inspires involvement – it also connects emerging church ministries, networks and families with the best models and resources nationwide.

OVC Research & Best Practice

The Applied Research & Best Practice Initiative works to elevate the quality of care for children worldwide. Through the annual OVC Research Symposium, webinars, issue white papers and other resources, we help CAFO members apply the best available research and models to their daily service to children.

National Church Ministry Initiative

The NCMI exists to motivate, equip and connect local churches nationwide, in their efforts to grow effective, sustainable orphan, foster care and adoption ministries.

Aging Out Initiative

The Aging Out Initiative shares successful practices for guiding young people aging out of U.S. foster care and international orphan care through healthy transitions into adulthood.

Effectiveness & Accountability

Good intentions aren’t enough.  CAFO elevates the quality of care, facilitates new partnerships, trains church ministries and requires good governance and fiscal accountability of it’s members. Churches and individuals can partner with trustworthy CAFO member organizations with confidence.

Communication & Advocacy

From social media to the U.S. Senate, CAFO unites the voice of Christian community to speak up for children who can’t speak for themselves. Interviews, articles, communication campaigns and more engage both Christian and mainstream media to raise awareness and provoke action.

"Today, it appears the church is decisively re-earning this reputation as a people who take special care for the orphan...Why the dramatic rise in concern for orphans? One strong factor is the rare model of unified ministry seen among orphan-serving organizations and churches, led by the Christian Alliance for Orphans."