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Tip of a Lifetime for Former Foster Youth

A moving story from Nebraska reminds how–even in a country with sophisticated social service systems–children need loving families. It’s a powerful glimpse of the hurt kids often face in “systems”…the healing that a loving home can provide…with a beautiful twist at the end of the story! See Lincoln waitress receives the tip of a lifetime. […]

10 Top Trends in Christian Orphan Care Movement 2013

The recording of the 2013 CAFO Investor Report and Movement Update is now viewable online.   You can view this webinar, along with a short video blog message, HERE. The webinar highlights 10 Top Trends in the Christian Orphan Care Movement for 2013.  To whet your appetite, the trends spotlighted are: Expansion:  Continued Growth E Pluribus […]

Fostering Change: Great Article on the Rising Church Engagement for Foster Youth

The online journal Shared Justice – produced by the excellent team at the Center for Public Justice – carries a great article on the significant growth of Christian involvement in caring for foster youth. [See “Fostering Change:  Recent Partnerships Give Hope to Children in Foster Care.”  The article describes: …both government and the church have […]

Book of Acts Meets Arizona: Beautiful Video Story

A friend recently shared this video with me:  just simple clips of a pastor from Arizona sharing about his journey into foster care and adoption.  In some ways, it’s a story that so many Christians are experiencing around the country.  Each carry their own beauty, challenges and triumphs.  But this one also has a unique […]

Beautiful Video…and Reflections on the Marvel of Orphan Sunday

Each day, more reports come in from Orphan Sunday events around the globe.  We’ll share some more of those in the days to come.  But today I can’t help posting a video made for Orphan Sunday at Kentwood Community Church in Michigan.  It’s actually three short stories of Christians who’ve opened their lives to vulnerable […]