2020 Team Soul Care Retreat

God’s Rhythms for

Calm Hearts in Anxious Times

We’ve come to see how powerful a soul care retreat can be for a ministry team. Gods Rhythms for Calm Hearts in Anxious Times is intended to help your team experience its own staff soul care retreat.  

Simply identify the time and space for your team to meet – whether in person or virtually – and any other personal touches you’d want to add.  CAFO will provide the rest — including a plan and content for a deeply meaningful day of spiritual retreat with your team.

The 2020 Team Soul Care Retreat will be offered free of charge for any CAFO member organization or church team. Simply sign up your organization below:

What to Expect

Included Themes

  • Living in an Age of Anxiety
  • People of Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Rhythms of Receiving:  Pouring Out and Receiving from God
  • The Place of Screens & Media
  • The Gift of Sabbath
  • Encountering God’s Love in Beauty


What’s Included?

  • Preparation Guide — to encourage & assist your team during the 4 days leading up to the retreat day.
  • Participant Guide — including the agenda for the day and supplementary materials
  • Facilitators Guide — including video talks from highly-respected voices, a proposed schedule and materials for individual & group exercises, reflection and discussion.  



What is the schedule?

The suggested flow will include a 6.5 hour day, including a 45 minute lunch discussion break.  However you may wish for extended conversations or longer breaks for your team. Feel free to adapt this day to what works best for your team!  Facilitators may also wish to provide a special lunch and coffee/snacks throughout the day.



When will we receive materials?

After signing up, the facilitator will receive materials by November 9th in order to share the Preparation Guide with their teams in advance of the first retreat day.



When is the retreat?

We encourage you to block November 16 for your team now…when others will be joining with their teams across the US and beyond. However, if your team prefers to retreat on another day or at the start of 2021, the content will be usable on any date of your choosing after the 16th.


Who can participate with the CAFO Team Retreat?

The CAFO Team Retreat is open to any CAFO Member Organization, Member Church, or Global Network.

How do we access the retreat?

Only one person from each team needs to sign-up below.  This contact person will receive access to the packaged event in order to lead their team through the retreat on the given day.  Each team may choose to “retreat” together either in-person or virtually.  

Will Soul & Strategy Retreat return?

Yes!  Planning for the Soul & Strategy Retreat 2021 is already in the works for the Spring of 2021.  Stay tuned!

What happens to my registration for the 2020 Soul & Strategy Retreat?

Your registration will automatically transfer to the 2021 Soul & Strategy Retreat.  If you prefer to cancel your registration, a full refund will be extended to you if requested prior to October 3, 2020.  Request refund here.

Who can participate with the CAFO Team Retreat?

The CAFO Team Retreat is open to any CAFO Member Organization, Member Church, or Global Network.

It's time to sign up!