Pick Your Path

  • 1. Find your fit in
    foster care

    You don’t have to be a foster parent to make a huge difference.
    Find out how.

  • 2.  Become a great
    foster parent

    Whether you’re making your way to or through foster parenting, we can help you navigate.

  • 3. Start a foster care ministry in your church

    You want to help your church get involved, but you don’t know how to move forward. Start Here.

  • 4.  Build a foster care movement where you live

    Join others to help provide more than enough for kids and families in your county. Learn how.

Understand Foster Care in Your State

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Pray With Others From Your State

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Engrafted: When the Kids Burn Down the House

Bishop Aaron Blake and his wife Mary engrafted 6 teenage boys from foster care into their family. They always told the boys that they were engrafted into the family, but this is the story of what it took for them to understand what that really meant.

Weekly Foster Roster


Every time I talk with someone about serving kids in foster care, I point them to The Foster Roster.


It is so full of helpful wisdom on how to help grow the foster care movement and help those in foster care as well as a great link to resources and inspirational stories.

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