You have gifts, personality traits, and experiences that make you who you are. But, how do these best fit into the many different pieces of the foster care system?  We’ve grouped these gifts, personality traits, and experiences into the 7 “faces” of foster care engagement. Chances are that more than one, or even several, will describe facets of who you are.  Click on the images below for a brief video overview of each one:

Here are just a few of the ways these 7 different types of people can make a tremendous difference in the lives of kids and families:

  • Mentoring foster youth
  • Supporting adoptive and foster families with childcare, meals, encouragement and prayer
  • Advocating for kids in court as a C.A.S.A. (Court Appointed Special Advocate)
  • Providing H.E.L.P. for child welfare professionals (Honor, Encourage, Love, Pray)
  • Supporting biological families who are working to reunify with their kids
  • Starting or joining a weekly 15-minute foster care prayer call in your state or community
  • Starting or joining a foster care ministry in your church

To find out more about which of the “7 Faces of Foster Care” you might be and what that means for you, check out our simple guide, Finding Your Fit in Foster Care:

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You want to make a difference in the lives of kids and families in foster care but aren’t exactly sure where you can make the most impact. This handy guide will help you clarify how your gifts, personality and experiences can make the biggest difference in foster care where you live.

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Making a Difference for Kids and Families Doesn’t Require a Cape

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When my father-in-law was little, he loved Superman. He read the comic books. He had a cape. Not only did he look up to Superman. He wanted to be Superman.

One day he decided to give it a shot. He put on the cape and poised himself at the edge of a window in their old farmhouse. He bravely made the jump and gravity quickly became his kryptonite.

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BBQ, Orphan Care and How Everyone in Your Church...

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I recently met an older gentleman in Oklahoma. I had just finished speaking at an event for a church and he was catering the food for the night. Part of my message included an appeal to the church to empower every individual member to “find their something” – to understand that we’re not all called to do the same things, but that we’re all capable of doing something. Afterwards, he wanted to tell me what his “something” was.

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When Your Tricycle is Upside Down: Expecting Others to Do Things...

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When our twin daughters were about 4 years old, I walked into our living room and noticed that they were both sitting next to their tricycle that was upside down and they were spinning the large front wheel over and over. I asked them, “Hey girls, what are you doing?”

“We’re making clothes just like Ma.”

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