Session 3: How to H.E.L.P. Child Welfare Professionals in Your Community

Social Workers have a hard job. In fact, front line social worker turnover rates are as high as 25% and worker turnover has been linked to poor outcomes for children in foster care. One impact study done on a local child welfare office in Milwaukee County found that children who had only one case worker achieved permanency 74.5% of the time. If they had two caseworkers that number dropped to 17.5%. In cases where children had six or seven case managers, their permanency rate was 0.1%. While we can't fix all of the complex issues involved, there is something very tangible your church can do. This session explores your church's relationship with local child welfare professionals and provides practical ways to strengthen it.



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Questions Cover

These questions are designed to help you and your team process the material from Session 3 and discuss what your next steps should be.


Idea Guide

This handy idea guide provides several easy ways for your church or organization to H.E.L.P. (Honor, Encourage, Love, Pray for) child welfare professionals in your community.


We asked some very special kids, “If you could do anything to thank your social worker what would you do?” Their answers are depicted on these note cards and will inspire you and the workers in your community that receive them.  They are sold in Outreach Packs of 40 cards w/ envelopes plus a print copy of our Idea Guide ($19.99 + shipping).


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“A Fight to the Finish:  What My Social Worker Did For Me”

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