Churches all over the country are starting and growing ministries to reach out to kids in foster care as well as the families that love and serve them. For many churches, this is an unknown and often intimidating world – but it doesn’t have to be. You can help start and grow a foster care ministry in your church and we have tools to help you navigate that.  

Some of the things you’ll want to consider include:

– How do I even begin?
– How do I talk to my church’s leadership about this?
– What kinds of things should our ministry do?
– How do I create a culture at my church that is committed to kids in care?

The CAFO National Church Ministry Initiative has several tools to help you answer these questions and more. To get started, check out the latest resource from Jason Johnson, Everyone Can Do Something…

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Whether you are launching a new foster care, adoption or orphan care ministry or leading an existing one, Everyone Can Do Something is designed to rally your church around the care of the orphaned and vulnerable in strategic, effective and sustainable ways. You’ll discover the principles you need to take the next best steps for your church, your ministry and the families and children you are serving.

We’re not all called to do the same thing,
But we are all capable of doing something!

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Making Foster Care and Adoption "Normal" in your Church

by Jason Johnson

In a counterintuitive way, the goal of your church is not to make foster care and adoption a special thing; it’s to make it a normal thing. It’s relatively easy to make caring for orphaned and vulnerable kids special because in many ways it is special – it’s a uniquely difficult yet rewarding place to engage a broken world with the heart of God.

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serve foster family

10 Simple Ways your Church can Serve Foster Families

by Jason Johnson

Foster care is a Church problem, not a state child welfare problem. It is a Gospel issue first, not a government issue. The Church has both the duty and privilege to speak on behalf of and stand for the sake of those who cannot speak and stand for themselves because that is exactly what God has done for us through Jesus. That’s the Gospel.

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church involvement

10 Unique Ways your Church can get Involved with Foster Care

by Jason Johnson

It’s estimated that over 408,000 children are in the United States foster care system today. Some of these children will be adopted into new permanent families, most will return to their own families and an estimated 30,000 of them will “age out”of the system this year at 18 years old with no familial support, little resources and in most cases a basic education. This is the unacceptable reality of what’s going on around us everyday right in our own backyards.

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