Take 15 Minutes to Impact Future Generations

The Vulnerable Child in a Digital Age Project is designed to study the connections between early childhood adversity and technology use on well-being.

The first-of-its-kind Vulnerable Children in a Digital Age study will give us an unprecedented opportunity to gain new insights into the effects of technology on health and well-being of children who have experienced challenging starts to life.

Participation in the landmark Vulnerable Children in a Digital Age Project is completely voluntary and confidential. Eligible participants will complete a short questionnaire online. The questionnaire will ask questions about childhood experiences, health, and technology use, and will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Everything you share will be kept private.

3 WAYS to be a part of the Vulnerable Children in a Digital Age Project

1. Take the parent assessment about your foster, adopted, or biological child (aged 3-18)
*Parents can take surveys for multiple children*
2. Take the individual assessment about your own technology habits
3. Share this opportunity

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OVC Research and Best Practice Symposium

May 8, 2019 in Louisville, KY

Vulnerable Children in a Digital Age: Why Children From Hard Places Are More Susceptible to Harm from Technology and What We Can Do to Help