Great News on the Foster Care Front

As Christian advocates for adoption, foster care and global orphan initiatives begin gathering in Louisville for Summit VII, an article in today’s Washington Times reports, “Increase in adoptions spells fewer children on rolls, shorter waits.” The article describes, “After years of bad press, the nation’s foster care system is finally generating numbers worth raving about: […]

Remarkable News from Colorado

For Christians committed to loving kids in the U.S. foster system, a story in today’s Denver Post may be one of the best news reports of the year.  The story recounts information conveyed on a prior Alliance blog post, describing how the number of children awaiting adoption in the Colorado foster system has been cut […]

Wait No More

It’s hard not to see that God is rousing hearts on behalf orphans when you hear about “Wait No More.”  Focus on the Family teams up with local churches, ministries, government and adoption agencies for these region-wide events.  Their purpose:  to help Christians understand the needs of children waiting in foster care in their area […]

An Ancient Recipe for Addressing Brokenness Where You Live

My wife and I have lived in and renovated (yes, at the same time) a couple of different 100-year-old-plus homes during our marriage.  Most people who take on these kind of projects are different from us in one important way: They know what they are doing.  I still remember the feeling of standing in the […]

Educators ONE DAY

Educators One-Day Summit 2018 You are already aware that there are children in your classroom and school who have experienced trauma. What you may not realize is that there may be far more than you think. Challenging behaviors in the educational setting are very often a result of traumatic events that have happened in a [...]

Child Welfare Professionals

Child Welfare Professionals One-Day Summit Register Most of the children you encounter on a daily basis have been profoundly impacted by trauma.  Chances are that you spend much of your time trying to help foster and adoptive parents navigate the resulting behaviors.  If you are like most, you sometimes feel unsure of how to best [...]