John Fuller

Vice President - Focus on the Family

John is probably best known as the co-host of the popular Focus on the Family daily radio broadcast, heard around the world by millions. He and his wife, Dena, happily married since 1984, and already parents to five biological children, became orphan care advocates and adoptive parents of a special boy from Russia in 2004.

John is passionate about family, and about God’s redemptive work in life. He has spoken internationally, authored “First Time Dad” (published by Moody Publishing, been interviewed by hundreds of radio stations, and written numerous published articles.


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Daily Radio Program

Washington Post

Outcomes magazine

Speaker Location

Colorado Springs, CO

Speaking Themes

Orphan care, adoption, parenting special needs children, “First Time Dad” (book published by Moody Publishing), Sample sessions regarding orphan care: 1. The Call To Care: Stories, statistics and Scripture reflecting the tremendous needs of 143 million fatherless children around the word, how we are called to care for the “least of these,” and what a step of faith can do in a child’s life. 2. “Can Do!” – Practical Ways To Help An Orphan: A look at the range of ways to reach out to orphans, from writing a check to supporting an adoptive family to welcoming a child into your heart and home. You CAN do something significant in the life of an orphan. 3. Adoption Drill Down: For those interested in adoption, and those who are already on the journey, a look at the process, costs, emotional and relational dynamics, challenges and joys of bringing an orphaned child into your family. 4. The Beauty Of Every Life: God’s divine imprint is on every individual’s life. We’re called to affirm His handiwork and to do so with an active faith. Stories of choosing to see every person through God’s eyes, especially the orphan.

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