Katie Finklea

Loving Well Living Well


Proverbs 31:8

“Speak out on behalf of the voiceless, and for the rights of all who are vulnerable.”

Katie is the founder of Loving Well Living Well, an adoption/foster care advocacy platform geared toward educating believers in their role in orphan care.  She is also a foster mom, adoptive mom, biological mom and passionate for orphan care and promoting the Church’s role in meeting the needs of vulnerable children. Katie has also worked with birth mothers pre and post placement.

Additional Resources

Be A Foster Parent or Be the Village

10 Truths and Realities of Transracial Adoption

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Speaker Location

Tampa, Florida

Travel Notes

Katie is willing to travel.

Speaking Themes

–  Combating orphan care apathy and disengagement in the church

–  Be a Foster Parent or Be the Village

–  Helping a child embrace their story

–  Do’s and Don’ts as an adoptive parent

–  Orphan care is not a calling, it is a commandment

–  Finding adoption resources and support in your everyday life for your family

–  Marriage and Orphan care

Other Notes

Katie founded Loving Well Living Well as a platform for adoption and foster care advocacy. She saw a gap of misconceptions and apathy among the church body which was the catalyst to form a platform of education to educate believers. Katie writes and speaks about myths, transracial adoption, and trauma in children, birth mother advocacy, open adoption, and various topics on adoption /foster care topics. You can find Loving Well Living Well in Instagram, Facebook and also follow her blog on LovingWellLivingWell.com

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