The Christian Alliance for Orphans

Student Initiative

connecting the next generation of orphan care advocates and world changers

The CAFO Student Initiative inspires and equips students for a lifetime of effective service. We harness the immense resources of the entire CAFO network - helping students build the knowledge, wisdom, and practical experiences critical to serving vulnerable children wisely and well for the long haul.


CAFO’s internship program provides real work experience that makes a difference for vulnerable children and families...and for your future. You can serve alongside and learn from professionals and veterans in the field, joining a movement with impact around the globe.


Explore available internships, mission trips and volunteer opportunities.


Engage students in your work of caring for orphans and vulnerable children.


“Interning with CAFO has been an invaluable experience. Not only do you get to sharpen your skills, gain indispensable guidance, and connect with amazing people, but you get the privilege of producing meaningful work that directly aids in the efforts of helping the orphan and vulnerable child.”


"As a college student, I realized how easy it was to be entirely selfish as I spent all my time studying for my future, pursuing friendships and experiences for my internship became my constant daily reminder of the reality that there were children in foster care who needed individuals to step up. Professionally, the internship gave me opportunities to gain practical skills and challenged me to think creatively. These experiences, laid the groundwork for a well-rounded student and graduate!"


“Every person, every age can make a unique and powerful contribution. We defend and care for the vulnerable child best together. Combing students’ energy with the hard-earned wisdom of expert leaders and organization creates something unforgettable. No one is left the same.”


“I couldn’t have even begun to imagine a better experience than the one I had at CAFO Summit 2017...I will not forget this experience and I will often refer to it in the future as the mark of the start of my career in the field of OVC care."


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