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“Microfinance and Orphan Care” Webinar Now Available

This month’s Church Orphan Ministry Webinar, titled “Microfinance and Orphan Care,” is now available online.  You can read the overview description and watch the webinar below, or access this and other past webinars on the Alliance webinar page.  Most orphans know poverty intimately. It is a primary reason children become orphans in the first place, […]

Short Term Missions: Life-Transforming Service OR Harmful Waste?

The current Christianity Today carries an excellent forum-article arguing the potential benefits and hazards of short terms missions.  Below are the opening section of the three articles.  I’d encourage you to read through the three one-page articles, each of which carries important observations, HERE.   ABANDON PROJECTS by Brian Howell Churches should not abandon travel, […]

City Without Orphans

Christianity Today this month carries a great article on the work of Alliance member City Without Orphans of Fresno, CA.  The young-but-robust ministry works towards a vision captured well by its name.  Its goal is to engage the churches of the region in foster care and foster-to-adopt so that, ultimately, every child will know the […]

Heart for Orphans: 6 Things Orphan Care has Taught Me

Jason Johnson is the lead pastor at Woodlands Point Community Church in Houston, Texas. Founded just four years ago, Woodlands Point already has a beating heart for the orphan due to a large number of families and individuals in the church who are pursuing foster care, adoption and/or child advocacy. (If you have a few […]

The Adoption Tax Credit Extension Is Now in a Bill

As previously highlighted, the adoption tax credit will be greatly limited if it is not extended by December 31.  Recently, a bill to extend the credit was introduced.   Supporters can now ask their member of the House of Representatives to co-sponsor the bi-partisan H.R. 4373, known as the “Making Adoption Affordable Act.” (Note that although […]

Critique of Christian Adoption and Orphan Care

An individual with strong criticism for the Christian orphan care movement, David Smolin, oversaw creation of the current Journal of Christian Legal Thought.  The Journal’s editor describes it as an opportunity to air and engage “dissenting opinions.” I was excited at the prospect of a forum for engaging many of the deep and complex questions that […]