The Astounding Findings of Neuroscience…and What They Mean for You Today

Among the most fascinating, and hopeful, discoveries of cutting-edge science today spring from the field of neuroscience.

They reveal the marvel of how we’re created…and, best of all, that we can be recreated.  Small, daily choices can change and restore us.  We can “be transformed by the renewing of our minds” in ways that can, literally, be seen via fMRI scans.  That’s really good news, whether we faced deep trauma as a child … or simply long to grow less self-centered or more thankful.

There may be no one who better understands this intersection between our minds, bodies and spirits than neuroscientist, psychologist and author, Dr. Curt Thompson.  

Small, daily choices can change and restore us. 

The latest episode of the Justice and the Inner Life podcast explores these themes and what they mean for our daily lives with Dr. Thompson.  It’s one of the most fascinating conversations I’ve ever had.  Join us for that conversation HERE.

What does it reveal?  Until recent decades, scientists and doctors believed that the brain was largely static.  It was assumed that, once one function of the brain was damaged, you were pretty stuck – like a car with a broken fuel line.  But modern neuroscience shows a very different reality.  Our brains are constantly growing and changing, even into old age.

Much of this happens without us noticing.  But it is shaped by little choices we make every day.  Will we gripe internally…or express gratitude?  Will we turn to a screen the moment we wake…or prioritize a chance for reflection and prayer first?  Will we ruminate on wrongs done to us…or on how we can bring good to others?

Thanks to neuroscience, we’re beginning to grasp how these easy-to-overlook choices slowly re-shape our brain.  That changes how we think.  And, over time, changing how we think changes who we are.

I hope the discussion with Dr. Curt Thompson is as meaningful for as it has been for me.  And, I’d just mention, if you’d like to hear Dr. Thompson in person, we’d love for you to join us at the CAFO2019 Summit.