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Riding Shotgun and What It Can Teach us About the Foster Parenting Experience

We have twin teenage daughters currently learning how to drive.   Their learning experience is much different from mine.   My childhood was spent in a small Kansas farming community, but our family lives in the suburbs of a major metropolitan area.  The girls are learning to drive on paved streets, while much of my initial driving […]

3 Things the Cajun Navy Can Teach Us About Responding to Foster Care

As our attention and prayers have been turned toward the people of Houston this past week in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, a particular group of citizens have become highly visible in a number of news stories. The Cajun Navy, made up ordinary people from Louisiana and surrounding states, have mobilized and organized largely through […]

Glimpses of What Happens When Christians “Leave Logos and Egos at the Door”

I’ve always loved those words that helped forge CAFO. The leaders gathered at the first CAFO Summit pledged themselves to serving Christ and orphans … and also to “leave logos and egos at the door.” They would labor in shared initiatives to achieve more together than any one organization could achieve alone. I first encountered […]

Shakespeare and Foster Care

When our daughters were freshman, they got their first introduction to Shakespeare through Romeo and Juliet.  Their English teacher requested we purchase a specific version that is part of a series called No Fear Shakespeare. All that means is that on the left-hand side is the original text. On the right is a translation into […]

Unaccompanied Minor Refugees: The Biblical “Orphan” Comes to Us in Many Forms

Understandings of the word “orphan” often differ. Common use points to a child whose parents have both died. A synonym sometimes used in the Bible – “the fatherless” – highlights the death or absence of a father. The current UN definition includes children who’ve lost one parent or both. The idea at the heart of […]