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Need Help Navigating Foster Care? Look to Former Foster Youth

Many years ago I was tasked with picking up a nationally known speaker at the airport in an unfamiliar city and shuttling him to a conference. This was before smart phones and GPS.   The window between his landing time and his scheduled speaking time was somewhat tight so I wanted to be well-prepared. I had […]

A Game Changer: Social Enterprise

Words like “sustainability” and “social enterprise” are all the rage in some circles, but they often prove easier to talk than do. And for many nonprofits, creating a profit-generating enterprise just may not make sense. But when it is done well, social enterprise can be a game changer. Want to know what that can look […]

The Great Tomato Conspiracy and the Most Common Objection to Foster Care

There is a conspiracy afoot. I know what I’m about to write will generate some disagreement, but it’s important that we discuss it. “They” tell us that ketchup is made from Tomatoes.  I don’t believe them. You see, ketchup is yummy.  Tomatoes are not. Everyone knows the more ketchup, the better! Who says that about […]

The Lies We Believe about TV Dinners and Foster Care

One night when my parents were gone, my older brother was watching me. I was just about to eat a TV dinner that included spaghetti when I learned some life-altering information. My brother casually mentioned that the TV dinner people made the spaghetti from worms. As you might imagine this intel came as quite a […]

Justice and the Inner Life

“I’m just not sure I can keep going,” he said. He and his wife had moved to Africa to serve in their mid-20s, eyes bright. But after nearly a decade of high highs and low lows, the disappointments seemed to dwarf the progress. “I feel like I’m done.” I’ve heard similar words from adoptive moms […]

What “Dad Jokes” and Humility in Foster Care Have in Common

My middle school daughter asked me at breakfast, “Why didn’t the skeleton go to prom?” “Mmm . . . don’t know.” “He had noBODY to go with” She continued, “What do you get when you cross a snowman and a vampire?” “uhh . . . don’t know.” “Frostbite” She then asked if I knew where […]