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Church, When it Comes to Foster Care, You May Not Know Your Own Strength

One summer, when I was in early elementary school, my little league coach was a High School student. My brother and uncle were both in high school at the time as well and were helping him out with our practices. One day, we were all in the field and I was playing shortstop. Our teenage […]

Broadcast Spotlights Vital Role of Men in Caring for Orphans

Today’s FamilyLife Today broadcast features a memorable discussion between Rick Warren, Russell Moore, Dennis Rainey and Jedd Medefind at the CAFO Summit. The conversation includes a special focus on why men — just like our wives, sisters and female friends — have a vital role to play in living out the Bible’s call to “defend […]

Need Help Navigating Foster Care? Look to Former Foster Youth

Many years ago I was tasked with picking up a nationally known speaker at the airport in an unfamiliar city and shuttling him to a conference. This was before smart phones and GPS.   The window between his landing time and his scheduled speaking time was somewhat tight so I wanted to be well-prepared. I had […]

A Game Changer: Social Enterprise

Words like “sustainability” and “social enterprise” are all the rage in some circles, but they often prove easier to talk than do. And for many nonprofits, creating a profit-generating enterprise just may not make sense. But when it is done well, social enterprise can be a game changer. Want to know what that can look […]

The Great Tomato Conspiracy and the Most Common Objection to Foster Care

There is a conspiracy afoot. I know what I’m about to write will generate some disagreement, but it’s important that we discuss it. “They” tell us that ketchup is made from Tomatoes.  I don’t believe them. You see, ketchup is yummy.  Tomatoes are not. Everyone knows the more ketchup, the better! Who says that about […]

The Lies We Believe about TV Dinners and Foster Care

One night when my parents were gone, my older brother was watching me. I was just about to eat a TV dinner that included spaghetti when I learned some life-altering information. My brother casually mentioned that the TV dinner people made the spaghetti from worms. As you might imagine this intel came as quite a […]