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Speak! Good dog.

This may come as a surprise to you, but my dog talks. Not only does Max talk, but he happens to be quite persuasive.   Words, of course, don’t come from his mouth, but my sweet wife gives him voice and he says stuff ALL the time. “Daddeee, will you take me for a wawk?” “Wook […]

Yes, You are Weird

The bad news is, yes, you are weird. The good news is that there are a lot of us. You’ve made strange decisions regarding how your family is put together. Many of these are decisions that friends and extended family don’t always entirely understand. Even if they do understand those decisions, they might find it […]

The Texas Homecoming Mum and Finding the Freedom to Love Your Kids Well

I live in Texas. I am not, however, from Texas. Over the past 6 years, there are few interesting things we’ve noticed that are different from other places: At school, my kids say the Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. flag AND then they say a different Pledge of Allegiance to the Texas flag. Standard […]

A Dog Named Zit and God’s Will Concerning Adoption and Foster Care

I once had a dog named Zit. I got her (yes, her) for my 14th birthday. At that age, it seemed to me like a completely reasonable and appropriate name for a dog. Now that I’m the father of several kids including a couple of teenagers, I can see the extraordinary amount of restraint it […]

Windows Into Haiti

This week’s news overflows with images of damage wrought by Hurricane Matthew – both across the Caribbean and in the southeastern U.S.   No doubt, the cameras will soon move on to other crises. But the work of short-term relief and long-term recovery is just starting. Many CAFO member organizations have been serving in Haiti for […]