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Orphan Sunday Reaches Every Corner of the U.S.

Guest Post from CAFO International Orphan Sunday Director Jodi Jackson Tucker When CAFO first promoted Orphan Sunday in 2009, we could never have imagined how it would find its way into remote corners of our nation in such meaningful and impactful ways. One of the expressions of that came through a report from our coordinator […]

DJ Jordan on the African American Community and Foster Care

My good friend DJ Jordan was interviewed recently for the BCS Podcast on the special challenges and opportunities at the intersection of foster care and the African-American community. As DJ discusses with podcast host and BCS President Bill Blacquiere, the percentage of children in foster care who are African American is much higher than their […]

The New CAFO Academy

The CAFO team is excited to announce the new CAFO Academy, a partnership between CAFO, the Christian Leadership Alliance, Azusa Pacific University and ECFA. The CAFO Academy is designed to help international orphan care leaders take their leadership and management skills to the next level of God-honoring excellence. The Academy is open to the local […]

What Happened on Orphan Sunday

Over the past several weeks, reports of Orphan Sunday around the globe arrived almost nonstop.  Again and again I’ve found myself marveling at it all.  Just a handful of years ago, Orphan Sunday was just a simple idea virtually unknown beyond its birthplace in Zambia.  But every year since 2009 it has grown.  This year, […]

Medicating Foster Youth

The San Jose Mercury News is running series of articles in a year-long investigative report titled, “Drugging Our Kids.” The series spotlights in gritty detail the way psychotropic drugs have become a primary tool for managing the behavior of children in foster care. Part II is “D’Anthony’s Story,” the deeply sobering account of one boy’s […]

Breakpoint Interview on Orphan Sunday and the Orphan Care Movement!

The national radio program BreakPoint tomorrow centers on Orphan Sunday and the growing orphan care movement — featuring an interview with CAFO President Jedd Medefind. Here’s the start of the well-written article from BreakPoint co-host John Stonestreet: This Sunday is Orphan Sunday. But caring for orphans has been a part of the Church’s DNA from […]