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Five New Books for the Orphan Care Movement: In Pursuit of Orphan Excellence

We’ve yet got two months to go in 2015. But it has already been a banner year for new books that that help to both grow and guide Christian adoption, foster care and global orphan care The weighty substance of these books serves as both strong stimulus for and strong indication of a movement that […]

Charging Towards Orphan Sunday…and Reflecting Back to 2002

Guest Post from Orphan Sunday National Director, Roberta Fanelli-Davis As we charge toward Orphan Sunday 2014, we reflect back on a watershed moment in 2002.  An American businessman, Gary Schneider, sat in a little church in Kalingalinga, Zambia.  Gary listened intently to a local pastor, whose heart had been stirred by the plight of the […]

CAFO Members Serving in Ebola Impacted Regions

News outlets increasingly bring to light the harsh toll that Ebola is taking on children. The Washington Post this week headlined, “War-Torn Liberia Already Had Too Many Orphans. Then Came Ebola.” It describes: In a country still recovering from 14 years of civil war, Ebola is posing a new threat to children, with challenges never […]

Ebola and Orphans

Whatever the crisis – from civil war to famine to natural disaster – it is often children who bear the brunt.  Tragedies break with special ferocity upon orphans and other children who live without the protection of family…while also often creating scores of newly-orphaned children.  This appears to be the case yet again as Ebola […]

Doing Good, with Excellence, for God’s Glory!

I just returned from meeting with about 120 ministry leaders in Kyrgyzstan, each passionate about caring for orphans and desiring to see the local church rise on behalf of the fatherless of their country. This was exciting for me to see, because it showed without a doubt that there are champions there – orphan advocates […]