American Friends of International China Concern

Since its founding in 1993, International China Concern has partnered with the Chinese government to develop social welfare services for one of China’s most vulnerable populations – children living with disabilities. Our reputation and relationships in China have not only paved the way for ICC to transform hundreds of children’s lives and empower families who have a child with a disability, it also helped ICC receive its Foreign NGO registration (March 2019), a registration that will enable ICC to continue its mission in China into the future.

Working in the cities of Changsha and Hengyang in Hunan Province, China, ICC is a Christian development organization that seeks to Give Life, help End Abandonment and Share Values that will transform lives and make an impact in China for years to come. ICC is called to do this through three avenues:

(1) Provide for young people living with disabilities who have been abandoned with the love of a family and the services needed to thrive
(2) Provide access to social services and support for families who have children living with disabilities
(3) Partner with local authorities and communities to empower and train local staff and ultimately change public attitudes toward disabilities.

American Friends of ICC is part of a global network of ICC National Offices and seeks to raise funds and awareness for ICC's mission within the United States.