Church Ministry Essentials

Building an Everyone Can Do Something Culture
in Your Foster Care and Adoption Ministry

A 10-module e-Course on Strategically Rallying Your Church
Around Caring for the Orphaned and Vulnerable

The Church Ministry Essentials virtual experience will introduce you and a cohort of 10-12 others over ten weeks to multiple leaders from around the country representing decades of experience.

Whether launching a new ministry, leading an existing one or working to mobilize churches in your community, their practical insights along with the principles and practices found in the book, Everyone Can Do Something, will help you build a framework to discover, implement and sustain your next best steps no matter where you are on your ministry journey of foster care, adoption, family support and global orphan care.

We are committed to helping you build relationships with other passionate people on the same journey as you. Therefore, we are only accepting up to 12 individuals into each cohort. Those leading a church-based ministry will be placed in a cohort together and those working from the agency/organization side to engage and equip churches will be placed in a separate cohort. Fill out the application below to reserve your spot!

Check back early Spring ’21 for new course dates!

You don’t have to wonder if your ministry is
focusing on the right things.

You can know with confidence.

This course will help give you the clarity and confidence you need to prayerfully set the trajectory of your ministry for years to come. You’ll walk away with fresh ideas, new insights and a renewed sense of hope on this journey of mobilizing your church to care for kids and families.

The ten modules covered in the course include…

Module 1: Leading Teams and Managing Volunteers

Module 2: Articulating a Compelling Message

Module 3: Building an “Everyone Can Do Something” Culture

Module 4: Connecting People into Communities of Support

Module 5: Creating a Strategic “Next Steps” Plan

Module 6: Engaging the Holistic Continuum of Care

Module 7: “More Than Enough” Movement Building

Module 8: Cultivating a Trauma-Informed Children’s Ministry

Module 9: Going Global: Helping Without Hurting

Module 10: Building a Strategic Plan for Soul Health

What to Expect

Proven ministry principles drawn from “Everyone Can Do Something”

This easy-to-read and extremely practical guidebook provides principles and practices for you to contextualize and implement in your church’s ministry.


A one-page PDF action guide for each module

These simple next-steps guide sheets will help you and your team identify the next steps you can take utilizing what you learned in each section of the module.



Dynamic video teaching content from leading practitioners

Each module is anchored by video-based teaching segments led by some of the country’s best church-based ministry practitioners on various aspects of launching and leading effective Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC)-based initiatives.



Cohort learning and coaching

Course participants will be placed in cohorts of no more than twelve people consisting of leaders from around the country engaged in ministry at the local church or organizational level. This is an incredible opportunity to learn and grow together and be reminded that you’re not alone on this journey.


This course is for you...

“But I’m just a volunteer leader.”

“But I’m a senior pastor that has too much on my plate already.”

“But I’m just a staff member and don’t really have the final say on things.”

“But what about me? I work for an organization and am responsible for engaging and equipping churches.”

| Volunteer Leaders |

First off, you’re not “just” a volunteer leader – you’re a leader. There’s no “just” in there. You may not be in charge, but your passion and advocacy is highly influential, and there’s so much you can get done. This course is for you.

| Senior Pastors |

You’re absolutely busy. We get it. What if we told you that you don’t actually have to lead the ministry, but instead can do a few simple things that make a significant difference, then empower others to handle the rest? This course is for you.

| Staff Members |

Does this ministry fall under your department? Someone else’s? What does your involvement need to look like? You’ve got a ton of authority but perhaps not the final say. How do you lead well with all that to juggle? This course is for you.

| Agency/Organization Staff |

Your role is critical! You have the opportunity to influence and ignite a bunch of local churches around you. What an incredible opportunity, and at times an overwhelming responsibility. Want to be more effective and impactful in that work? This course is for you.

There’s No “Prescription” to Ministry

What works sometimes doesn’t work all the time, and what works for one church might not for another – there are principles and practices you can explore, adapt and contextualize most effectively in your own unique church and ministry setting.

This course will help you find them
and give you a plan to implement them.

Check back early Spring ’21 for new course dates!


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